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TCI teachers, speech therapists and staff provide feedback and reviews of Assistive Technology and iPod, iPad, & iPhone Apps that are used to support students with autism.  The application and technology reviews listed here are personal statements made by individuals and may or may not reflect the official position of the school and/or administration. You can subscribe to an RSS feed of this page (see RSS icon at bottom of page) or follow our Twitter feed at For more information and resources about mobile apps supporting students with special needs, visit Mr. Palmer's page.

  • Dollars & Cents (Attainment Company)

    Posted by Randall Palmer at 6/9/2014
    Dollars & Cents TCI has reviewed numerous coin counting and money recognition apps, but Dollars & Cents from Attainment Company stands out as one of the best.  Dollars & Cents provides a clean and simple interface for students with autism to learn coin recognition, spending money, and making change. 

    In the Counting Coins section, students can practice coin recognition, sorting, matching, and even practice using a pretend vending machine.  In Spending Money section, students are presented with a list of items to shop for. Once selected, the student must identify the proper amount of money to give the cashier. Finally, the Making Change section provides an opportunity for students to practice counting money and making change as if they were running a cash register.
    Dollars & Cents supports multiple user names, so an entire class can share a single iPad. The Options menu allows teachers to manage users and customize a plethora of settings that control the students’ experience.
    Dollars & Cents is marketed by Attainment Company and is available in the iTunes App Store for $39.99.

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  • News-2-You (N2Y)

    Posted by Noelle DiGiacomo at 6/2/2014
    News-2-You News-2-You is an online newspaper designed for students with special needs. With four levels of difficulty and the use of symbol-supported text, students have the opportunity to explore real-life current events and topics, at a level they can understand. A subscription of News-2-You provides weekly articles, and includes worksheets, games, and activities to go along with each article. Also, included with the subscription is an iPad app that can be downloaded on your students' iPads, and they can have access to the same materials available in the online version. The website provides a sample lesson if you would like to try it in your classroom or at home.
    News-2-You is marketed by N2Y and is available in the iTunes App Store.
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  • Bag Game (All4mychild)

    Posted by Barbara Lanigan at 5/30/2014
    Bag Game This is a spin-off of the game “20 Questions.” All you need to do is choose a graphic (there are over 100 included to choose from OR take a photo of your own) and “hide” it in the brown paper bag.
    Some areas of speech-language include: categorization, expressive language for describing, question formulation skills, reasoning skills, vocabulary-same/different, auditory memory skills-making mental pictures.
    Two ways you can use this app:
    1. Hide the item and have the child ask the questions to identify characteristics of the item or the name of the item. You can use visuals with sample questions written out (e.g., Is it a food?” “Does it fly?” etc.). You can also use a clue sheet that lists attributes (e.g., hard, soft, tall, short, round, square, noisy, quiet, cold, hot, etc.).
    2. Hide the item and you give the clues to describe it. Example: “ It’s a food, that is served at breakfast, round with syrup.” Give one clue at a time if the child can make guesses based on the limited information.
     Other tips:
    • After the child is familiar with how to play the game, you can reverse roles and have them hide the object.
    • It is always good to review the facts after you have gathered a few. For example: “So far, we know it is a vehicle, that has an engine and wings.” etc.
    • By using your own photos, this app can also be used to help children learn family members and other information. Example: “Guess who we are going to see this weekend?...She is a girl, she is 12 years old, she has blonde hair and green eyes, she likes to play soccer… Yes, Cousin Emily!” OR another example: “We are going on a special vacation this summer. Would you like to guess?... We are going on an airplane, we will stay at a hotel, it will be hot, we will go to a state called Florida, we might see Mickey Mouse”…Yes, we are going to Disney World in Orlando Florida!
    • You can also use this app during long car rides, waiting at a restaurant or doctor’s office, etc.

    Bag Game is marketed by All4mychild and is available in the iTunes App Store for $1.99

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  • ArtikPix (Expressive Solutions, LLC)

    Posted by Susan Varman at 5/28/2014
    ArtikPix ArtikPix is a great articulation app that provides flashcard and matching activities for children with speech sound delays. The activities provide multiple opportunities for practicing the pronunciation of speech sounds in a fun and motivating way. The application can be customized to suit an individual’s needs by offering a wide range of target sounds in words and sentences and in all positions (initial, medial and final). Each target sound is illustrated with fun and modern graphics. The application features a recorded audio model of each target word and sentence. Additionally, users can take their own photos and label the pictures with a word incorporating the target sound in the appropriate position. This is helpful to create a customized target word list that is more functional for the user. The application also offers the ability for voice recording of the student’s trial productions, with the ability to score each trial and improve self-monitoring skills. Data can be collected on students seen individually as well as in groups.
    The application offers "th, w, y, and h" decks for free with 20 additional decks available as In App Purchases for $1.99 a deck.

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  • Articulation Station (Little Bee Speech)

    Posted by Susan Varman at 5/26/2014
    ArticulationStation Articulation Station is an app that helps students improve pronunciation and articulation. It uses use very specific exercises, games, and stories that focus on 22 English language sounds. This app improves pronunciation and understanding of how letter sounds form words. There are more than 1,000 target words that are illustrated with bright, colorful photos. Users can also take their own photos and label the pictures with a word incorporating the target sound in the appropriate position. Sounds can be practiced at the word, sentence and story level. There is a new sentence for every target word and short, creative stories for each sound position. The application provides an audio model of each target. In addition, the user has the ability to record his/her own voice and play it back to work on self-monitoring skills. By allowing the user to choose multiple target sounds at once, the application can be set-up to work on phonological processes as well.
    Articulation Station is free for the entire P sound program. Additional sound programs can be purchased from the Articulation Station store ranging in price from $0.99-5.99. Overall, the games and activities are motivating to students and encourage continued practice.
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  • Between the LInes (Hamaguchi Apps)

    Posted by Michele Jorgensen at 5/19/2014
    Between the lines As speech-language pathologists, we are always searching for innovative ways to target social language skills. Between the Lines is an app that goes far in filling that need. This highly engaging app provides practice with a variety of social language tasks including perspective taking, and interpreting body language, facial expressions, and vocal intonation. Students gain practice with comprehension of figurative language as well. One of the most appealing aspects of Between the Lines is the fact that the material is presented in video format. Videos containing a variety of social situations and idiomatic language usage are presented along with follow-up questions. It is always gratifying to see how well the videos sustain the students’ attention! I love how easy it is to adjust the settings to accommodate a student’s individual learning level (e.g. number of answer choices presented, automatic or delayed presentation of choices, etc.) and the user-friendly data collection feature allows progress to be tracked for individuals as well as individuals within a group.

    There are three levels of Between the Lines. Each is sold separately.

    Between the Lines Level 1: This level is intended for use with students in elementary through middle school. The social situations and locales in the videos are in line with this age group and include settings such as school, park, mall and birthday party.

    Between the Lines Level 2: Level 2 is very similar to Level 1 in terms of age appropriateness. However, the content is at a slightly higher level and the answer choices can be somewhat more challenging.

    Between the Lines Advanced: The advanced level is most appropriate for teen and adult populations. The social situations presented include ones encountered with teenage peers, employers, co-workers and spouses. The answer choices are typically more challenging at this level as well.

    It’s hard to find great apps that are geared toward teens and adults with social language deficits. I highly recommend this app as a fun and effective way to address these crucial skills. Between the Lines is Marketed by Hamaguchi Apps and is available in the iTunes App Store for $9.99.
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  • Conversation Coach (Silver Lining Multimedia, Inc)

    Posted by Jessica Morrow at 5/14/2014
    Conversation Coach As a speech-language pathologist, I often find myself looking for fun and creative ways to target pragmatics and social skills. Conversation Coach, with its colorful real life pictures and cool graphics keeps the attention of my students. Conversation Coach is an interactive app designed to help students follow the back and forth flow of a normal conversation. The game utilizes a ping pong ball that each player passes to the other side of the screen indicating their partner’s turn to respond. This is a great tool to teach the skills of staying on topic, listening to others, turn-taking, organizing thoughts, and utilizing expressive language. Conversation coach allows users to customize topics or use premade material. It also provides picture choices, written word, and spoken word modes in order to reach users with different learning needs.

    Conversation Coach is marketed by Silver Lining Multimedia and the full version is available in the iTunes App Store for $29.99.

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  • Story Builder (Mobile Education Store)

    Posted by Florence C. Shulman, M.A., CCC-SLP at 5/12/2014
    story builder Story builder is a great application that targets sentence and paragraph formation as well as a student’s integration of ideas and storytelling. This application has three different levels that target a wide variety of abilities. With each level a picture is displayed and specific questions are asked to prompt the student to tell a story, and with each level the amount of prompting is reduced. Level 1 includes 4 questions that are specifically related to the picture and to the details that are displayed (e.g. what is the boy doing), Level 2 has 7 questions that included inferencing to what happened before and after (e.g. what will the boy do next), and Level 3 allows for increased creatively and imagination as the students are given the opportunity to make up their own stories. The student can record their responses and then listen to their story at the end- which is an amazing feature! Additionally, Story Builder allows the clinician to decide how much reinforcement the student needs by providing the option to have sentence starters (e.g. The boy is…) and question reinforcers (where the questions can be repeated and visually exhibited on the top of the screen). Overall, story builder is an amazing application to work on a wide variety of expressive speech and language skills!
    Story Builder is marketed by Mobile Education Store and is available in the iTunes App Store for $7.99
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  • Pic Collage (Cardinal Blue)

    Posted by Carol White at 5/5/2014
    Rainbow Sentences Do you have great photos of your kid that he or she enjoys looking at? Want an app that makes use of those photos while providing a context to develop language?  Then take a look at Pic Collage.  This is an app that creates collages using images from your iPad’s camera roll.  You can stickers, texts with a variety of cool fonts and frames.  As a Speech Language Pathologist, I love that Pic Collage can be used to identify and label people, places and objects.  Children can use it to practice making requests and giving direction .  It is an entertaining way to work on comprehension and use of adjectives, comparatives and positions.  And finally, all of this can be shared with others through email, Facebook and Twitter.
    Pic Collage is marketed by Cardinal Blue and is available in the iTunes App Store for Free!
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  • Clicker Sentences (Crick Software)

    Posted by Noel DiGiacomo at 4/28/2014
    Clicker Sentences It’s sometimes difficult to interest struggling writers in writing complete sentences, and Clicker Sentences is one great way to get them more engaged. Clicker Sentences is a great tool for emergent writers or older struggling writers. It allows a teacher or parent to set up any type of sentence of any length using pictures and words for prompts in completing the sentences. It can be easily modified to meet a student’s individual developmental needs, and is easy to navigate and cleanly designed to appeal to a struggling reader of any age. At $28.99 it is a little more expensive than the average app, but for a student who may need support in this area, it’s a very useful tool.

    Clicker Sentences is marketed by Crick Software and is available in the iTunes App Store for $28.99.

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