Middle School

The transitional years of middle school are different for each student. At TCI, we strive to promote maturity and independence in every child. Our students become aware that they have an important role as members of a family, school community, and civic community. They learn to apply academic skills in the real world and begin to set personal goals that foster self-reflection and self-evaluation.

Our Middle School offers students instruction founded on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Differentiated Instruction, and Universal Design for Learning. Our classroom support team, comprised of a Teacher, Speech Therapist, Clinician, Behaviorist and Paraprofessionals allow for cohesive and intensified collaboration. Consultations with our school psychiatrist, psychologist and experts in the field of autism, behavior management and technology keep our interventions on the cutting edge.

We offer:

Small classes (6-10 students in each class)

  • Maximum student:staff ratio of 3:1
  • Speech, Clinical, Behavioral services
  • Behavioral, Medical, Psychological and Psychiatric Consultations
  • Courses aligned with national and state standards
  • Life Skills and Career Education classes; Career Development Workshops
  • Community Based Instruction
  • Evidence-based Teaching Strategies
  • Extended school year instruction
  • Special Academic Programs, including Inventor’s Expo, Poetry Recital, Math (Data) Day and May Market

Our Middle School / 9th grade program is overseen by:
Gina Catania, Principal
973-509-3050 x241