Winterrowd, Kent
Social Studies / Material covered September through February

United States History I / Early American History

This introduction to American History covers the European exploration of the New World through Civil War Reconstruction.

1. Geography of North America
2. Native American civilizations of North America
3. European Exploration of the New World
4.The Colombian Exchange
5.The 13 colonies
6.Conflict in the Colonies
7. American Revolution
8. The Constitution
9. Causes of the Civil War
10. Civil War
11. Reconstruction
12. First Industrial Revolution 
United States History II / Modern American History
 This class covers the rise of Industrial America through the end of the 20th century.
 1. Industrialization / The rise of the "Robber Barons"
 2. Labor Unions / strikes and worker unrest
 3. Growth of cities / reform movement
 4. Roaring 20s
 5. Stock Market crash
 6. Great Depression
 7. The New Deal / growth of federal government power
 8. World War II
 9. Cold War / Korean War
10. The growth of suburbia
11. Civil Rights
12. Vietnam War
13. Richard Nixon / Watergate